Thursday, 27 September 2012

Take this flab and SHRED it!

So, I think I've mentioned a couple of times my new girl-crush, Mama Laughlin go check her out right here, go on, you know you wanna She is this super-amazing-completely-motivating-totally-hot-mama that I aspire to be like!  She's had two adorable babies and lost really significant amounts of weight after both of them and been totally honest about her entire journey!  She's funny and crude and well, AWESOME!

The best part about her?  I'm not the only one who is in total awe of her!  Her blog following has gotten pretty freaking huge and I believe there is even talk about a Mama Laughlin lovefest next June in Dallas - I SO wanna go!

As a result of so many women sharing the love of all things Mama Laughlin, there's a couple of chicks who have organized a couple of super amazing, Mama inspired challenges to help keep us wanna-be's on target and working towards our weight-loss goals.  The most recent challenge is 31 Days of being Jillian Michael's Biotch!  The goal is to do a JM workout every day for the month of October.

I'm actually really looking forward to this, not because I love JM, but because I've been feeling really complacent in my workouts/weight loss for the last couple of weeks.  I was looking for something to get me going again that wasn't going to be a HUGE deal.  You know, something that I couldn't find excuses out the waaaazooooo for why I couldn't do it consistently for the foreseeable future.  Throwing a DVD into my computer and getting my butt downstairs?  That I can handle!  I'm also looking forward to seeing what doing the JM videos for a period of time consistently will do to my body.  I've already started to notice that my arms are getting smaller and the lines are finally starting to re-appear on my tummy (eeeeek!) but I want more!

I'm gonna take some before pictures today and I will actually post them here tomorrow.  I REALLY need to keep myself accountable and on track.  I'm pretty sure that putting my flabby belly out there is a good way to do that!  Mostly because it will make me work even harder so that on Nov 1 I can post some super AMAZEBALLS photos of my after 31-days of being JM Biotch pictures!

You and me JM, we're gonna get it on - in a totally I hate to workout but LOVE to look awesome way!

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