Friday, 21 September 2012

Oh hey there weekend! How YOU doin'?

Put your hands up in the air and scream like a girl if it's your birthday weekend?  Wooooooooooot!  That's right, it's mine!  And this is kind of a funny one for me.  Every other year, my birthday has been about going out for dinner and doing really extravagant and indulgent things.  This year though?  I am absolutely, 100,00% committed to seeing a number that starts with a 1-6-? on Monday morning so I'm not interested in doing those regular things.  Soooooo, the question remains, what the heck are we gonna do?  Especially because it's supposed to rain here this weekend.

I've got a 2-miler planed for tomorrow and a 7-miler for Sunday.  I'm pretty confident that those two things and keeping honest with my new bff, MyFitnessPal will definitely get me to where I want to be come Monday morning!  I'm gonna need a fantastic movie to watch on Sunday to get me through that run, let me tell you!

So let's get back to my birthday for a minute or two or maybe for the rest of the weekend?  The husband asked me today what I wanted for my birthday.  I told him I really didn't know.  I really like new pretty things.  I like new clothes.  I need new shoes.  I want LuLu stuffs.  He hates buying me those things.  He thinks I should neeeeeeed electronics and gadgets and unnecessary stuff.  I don't know about you, but I don't really feel the same way about a camera as I do about, oh, I don't know, these LuLu pants that I've wanted forever!

Or how about this a-maze-balls bag?  My collection of lovely bags is small - although my husband would argue this point until we were both frothing at the mouth, but truly, I have 2 nice bags right now.  I don't have ANY large bags though that are nice.  I NEEEEEEEEED this bag!

And I suppose if I HAVE to have a 'thing' that I want/need, this would be it.  If I'm going to continue running outside, I have to stop depending on my Bestie for her garmin.  So, I suppose this can get added to the list too!
Sooooo, I think that's a pretty good list, isn't it?  I mean there are some fun things (ahem, gorgeous bag), some practical things (amazing, comfy LuLus) and then the thing thing that the husband insists I have on my list.  All bases are covered!  Does that mean I get all of them?

So, running in the rain.  It's happening AND it's my birthday weekend.  It's gonna be AWESOME!

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