Monday, 24 September 2012

Happy Birthday to me!

Well, here it is, the big 3-6.  And I'm ok with it.  Really I am!  I love that I'm 36, have two adorable kids, a husband who loves me and well, am now getting the opportunity to work on myself.  I love even more that for my birthday present to myself today, I got THIS!

Yup, that's right, welcome to 160 town.  Population, ME!  Can you believe how horrendous my toes look in this picture?  Honestly!  I really should do something about that, but well, I was just so excited to see that number there that I could have cared less if you could see lady parts in the picture, I was totally posting this one!

Here's another little shot I thought I'd share.  This one is just as great as the one above as far as I'm concerned!  I have had these jeans for over a year now.  They are from London and are size 14 UK which equates to about a 10 here.  I've been trying to literally shove my ass into them since getting them - with NO SUCCESS.  A couple of weeks ago, I put them on, but knew I couldn't wear them out in public, but felt happy that I could at least get them on.  Well, guess what!  This is what!

Yup, that's me rockin' the London jeans!  Yipppppppeeeeee!  Plus I got my hair done finally on Thursday night so I had to re-do it for my picture.  I love a good, good hair pic!

Yesterday, I got my 7-miler in while the husband took the boys shopping for my presies.  They did not disappoint and perhaps he's been creeping my blog because I got a couple of totally awesome Lulu short sleeved tops, one a-maze-balls long sleeved top AND the Garmin 410!  I'm gonna be the cutest, best equipped runner out there now!  Thanks husband!  I love you!

Now, it's off to Greek town for some excellent birthday fare!  I'm going to try and make some good choices, but well, it's my birthday!  I think I'm allowed to indulge just a little bit, right?

Happy Birthday to me y'all!

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