Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Feel, feel, FEEL the frustration!

I'm a day late posting this week for weigh-in Monday - seems it's becoming a trend.  Not good.  Besides, Weigh-in Tuesday doesn't sound very good.  At. All.  Weigh-in Wednesday though, now that has a nice ring to it!

So I stepped on the scale yesterday morning and I was down, but not where I'd wanted to be.  The hope was to get to at least 170 if not 169.  I worked hard last week and even got the worst 6 mile run of  my life in!  73 f'ing minutes it took me to complete that run.  That's 1 hour and 13 minutes - to do 10 k! Craptastical, that's what that is!  I blame it on the treadmill dude for upping the torque on my treadmill last week.  I'm finding it tricky to get used to the new speed and basically have to re-work my brain to not feel like every run is taking twice as long.

I should probably also admit at this moment in time, that although my weight did still go down to 171, that I should be pretty damn happy since the evening before was dinner at the head Richard's house to celebrate his entrance into my life, aka his birthday.  I ate cake.  WOW!  That feels like a weight has suddenly lifted...oh wait!  Nope, it hasn't!  It's still on my ass!  I have a superstition though that I blame my mom for.  She always told us that it was bad luck to not eat cake on someone's birthday.  I didn't have a big piece - it was like a 30th of the cake, but man it was good and I ate every last bite.  I actually contemplated licking the icing from the plate for about a second, but thought that was a tad drastic - and probably pretty uncool!

So, what am I doing this week to make sure that my birthday weigh-in is super-fantastical-amaze-balls? Well!  First of all, I'm absolutely addicted to the Mama Laughlin Fit Camp FB group!  I'm going there for motivation on a daily basis.  Secondly, I finally downloaded a food tracking app onto my phone - Myfitnesspal.  If you are looking for one, but haven't decided what works for you, check it out!  It's the best one I've EVER downloaded, and let me tell you, I've downloaded quite a few!

Second, I'm getting all of my runs in this week and then some.  I think I'm going to take the boys on a couple of bike rides this week too just to keep everybody moving AND I'm going to go and do a hot yoga class (or two) before Thursday night when I get my hair did!

Birthday weigh-in, I'm gonna fist pump you into next week!!

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