Thursday, 30 August 2012

I'm a bad, bad blogger!

Whoops!  It would seem that my weighday Monday has come and gone and I was AWOL from this here space!  Don't think for even one second that I didn't pull my sorry butt out of bed on Monday morning, pee and strip down to what my momma gave me to weigh in, because I sure did!  AND the results were totally positive which is why it's pretty funny that I didn't run right out to my laptop to record them for the world to see!  I blame my lack of blogging on the husband being out of town all. week. long. We'll talk about that in a minute though.

Without further ado, may I please announce to you all that I finally, after 2 years, have broken through the 180 mark!!  I was so happy - I can't even tell you how ecstatic I was to see 178.4 waiting for me when I was done saying my little prayer and then prying my eyes open with toothpicks since I was squeezing them shut so fiercely!

So, once I broke through that horrible barrier that has been haunting me for the last two years, I was finally brave enough to go into the dark, depths of my closet and pull out the jeans I've been using as my goal jeans for almost 2 years now.  Once, about a year ago I was able to squeeze into them, but had to really suck everything in to try and do them up.  When I did, I was pretty sure that once I took them off, I was going to be like the magician's assistant in the box after the sawing the body in half trick!  That wouldn't be scaring for my kids at all, would it?
Anywhoooo, I pulled them on *note, I said pulled, not squished all my pudge into* and did them up with next to no effort at all!  They still don't look how I want them to look - I'm probably a 1/2 size too big for them still, but the real victory for me was first of all the fact that I could easily get them on without looking like a jack-in-the-box having a grand mal seizure and secondly that I could actually breath with them on!

You know what the best part about all of these mini successes are for me?  That they are all motivating me to stay on target and continue working towards my goal.  We are 1/2 way through the dicks vs chicks competition right now which means I still have another 6 weeks to try my very best to get to the 12 week goal I set for myself - 165 lbs.  Normally by this point in my weight loss journey, I would have given up my dedication and have resigned myself to being fat.  Not. this. time.  I'm on a mission, and nothing is gonna get in this girl's way!

So back to the husband being away for the entire week.  It's not fun.  Sometimes he drives me crazy when he's here and makes mess all over the house, but I miss him when he's gone and so do the kids.  I can't wait for him to get back and for the long weekend to start!  We've got BIG plans!  We always say we're going to do something big and exciting for the last long weekend of the summer, but things have always gotten in the way.  Now that we don't have our sweet Molly-dog anymore, we are free to come and go as we please without worrying about her.  This weekend should be tons o' fun!  What are you up to this weekend?

Found this on Pinterest and thought it was perfect for today!

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