Monday, 23 July 2012

The weight is over...

Ha!  See that funny little play on words I used there?  Yup, that's right, I am *that* girl!  Besides, a little play on words is what a girl needs when the scale didn't say what she wanted it to say!  I contemplated not posting today, but since I started this thing to keep me honest and on track, I really couldn't do that, now could I?  The scale this morning said 189.5 - up only a few points from last week, but not down like it said on Friday when I timidly stepped on to check in!

It's 100% my fault - well, duh! of course it's my fault!  What I mean is, I was supposed to go for my big run yesterday afternoon (7 miles) and I procrastinated the afternoon away until I didn't have enough time to do it until after supper.  Of course, after supper I sat down on the couch while the boys were playing and well, it was game over.  So, today, while the boys are at camp again, I WILL be doing my 7 miles before I get to do anything else!

This week, I've decided to add food journaling to my routine.  I'm not sure if I'll do the traditional, write everything down in a little book, sign up for an app on my phone OR photo journal.  Each has their pros and cons.  Maybe I should do all 3 for a few days and see which works best for me.  I've done the book before - but it's just me writing stuff down and doesn't necessarily have the impact of a visual tracking device like an app on my phone.  If I take pictures, I'm probably going to spend more time making it look pretty AND making sure that it's healthy enough that I can actually have photographic proof of it!

I think also, that I am going to give myself a mini incentive for next week.  I really and I mean REALLY need a pedicure.  Need it like if I took a picture of my dry, flakey feet right now, you'd probably cover your eyes and run screaming from your computer screen.  They are that bad.  Soooooo, If I lose at least 2 lbs this week (like I said, I really need it!) I'm going to book a mani pedi appointment for next week and pamper myself a little bit!

I really need to dig deep and start working harder this week.  If my SIL and I are going to win our little competition, I have to be into the 160's by the beginning of Sept.  That's 6 weeks away and means I have to have a couple of weeks of at least 5 lbs in order to make this work.  I can do it, but I've got to work my ass off - literally, in order to get there.

So, here's what's on tap for this week:
Monday - 7 mile run, some core and arm work
Tuesday - 4 mile run, legs/butt and core work
Wednesday - 2 mile run, core, arm and leg work on the machines
Thursday - 4 mile run
Friday - 3.5 mile run and camping fun!
Saturday - mooooooore camping fun!
Sunday - 7.5 miles

If I can get all of these runs in AND really take control of my eating, this should be a really good week!

Bring it week, BRING IT!

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